Using Grammar Worksheets

The use of grammar worksheets may not seem like the most exciting way to learn a  language, but in fact this is one of the best ways you can learn the structure of English and all its little rules and regulations, which are often simple in theory but complex in reality. 

The use and worth of grammar is often ignored. Yet grammar forms the foundations upon which any language is based.  It is the rock which supports the language and, as such, needs to be given careful consideration.

Grammar worksheets offer you the opportunity to practise grammar and to start to get a feel for what is appropriate and what is not good English - combine this with English writing software and you will be in good stead for quality writing.  You learn how to use different forms of tenses, verbs, verb endings, and so on.  This equips you with the skills to be able to apply the rules of grammar when away from your computer and will help you to make sense of the language. 

The worksheets can be supplemented with the use of an online package that can check your grammar in other work that you do, so you constantly have reinforcement about correct usage and when certain prepositions alter verbs, etc. Their use should be consistent and repetitive, so that the messages you are being given are reinforced and you learn slowly but surely.

Until you can master the grammar of any language, you are simply skimming the surface and not gaining an in-depth understanding, so you need to dig down and discover the structure that the language is built on. Grammar worksheets provide an excellent way of doing this.

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