English Grammar - General Tips

The rules of English grammar are not as rigorous as some other languages, such as German or the dreaded Latin. However, there are still grammatical do’s and don’ts which you must become familiar with.

Every sentence needs a subject, a verb and an object. The subject is the person or thing which is doing something. The ‘doing’ part of the sentence is the verb and the object is someone or something involved in the sentence. So you can construct a sentence in the following way: Holly (subject) runs (verb) towards the dog (object). Tenses are also used in the English language. It is important to use the same tense throughout a piece when writing. In the sentence above, the event is happening in the present, so Holly runs. If it were to happen in the past, we would state that “Holly ran.”

Punctuation is also very important. The apostrophe, comma and full stop all have to be used in their appropriate place and in English this is crucial otherwise the whole meaning of the sentence can change. It is always best to check grammar on any piece of work, using some kind of grammar checker, at least until you feel more confident and are aware of the rules. English is littered with odd rules and various tenses that are invoked by certain propositions etc. Many people find the lack of systematic rules somewhat confusing and some simply assume that the language has only minimal grammar, but this is in fact not the case. It is simply a very unique grammar, which makes it slightly more difficult to learn.

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